SK-2 /C type keel assembly wall system



Features:Double faces using hot-dipped galvanized automotive steel plate with thickness of 0.6mm or0.8mm. This kind of plate has features of corrosion resistance and high intensity. According to client's choice and requirement, surface can be wood transferred into specific wood grain and sprayed plain color, graphics, etc.

treatment:Electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, wood pattern transfer, wood pattern laminating board, stainless steel series, artistic inkjet effect.

Applicable:Airports, high-speed rail stations, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, electronic rooms, public elevators, corridors, pharmaceutical plants and other large venues.


maintenance:Avoid contacting with corrosive gas or liquid and avoid the scraping of sharp objects. When cleaning, one should use soft cloth, mild detergent, and try to avoid scraping plate.


Formoldehyde emission content reoched Ellevel ofGB18580

Anti-chemical corrosion reached performance requirement in GB/T4893.I

Resistance to cigarette bums performance reached in GB/T17657

Fire performance, in line with national standards for fire A2 Quasi requirement

Coaling hardness reoched 5H in GBA6739




A·S·K-powder HONICEL

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